Pillar of Salt: A Daughter’s Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust


Our Book Club event is hosted by Yad Vashem’s Young Leadership Associates (YLA) and open to all. Please join us!

The evening will feature a moving visual presentation with author Anna Salton Eisen showcasing her father George Lucius Salton’s experience in the Shoah

Questions? Please email Miryam at mgolding@yadvashemusa.org

Chairs: Dana Rogozinski and Rachel Shnay

Book Description:

As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, through her memoir Anna Salton Eisen breaks down the barrier of silence that was intended as a protective shield for her parents and their children. From early childhood, Anna, as a second-hand witness to the Holocaust, felt overwhelmed by the unspoken but ever-present trauma of her parents’ past. Her father, a survivor of ten different concentration camps, is enveloped in impenetrable grief and his history encased in secrecy. But Anna is determined to look backwards, breaking through her father’s reticence to confront the unspoken terrors of the past. The entire Salton family embarks on a journey through Poland unlocking a history sealed in silence and buried by time.

By the end of her odyssey, Anna acquires a new understanding of her legacy as a child of Holocaust survivors and how trauma is revisited upon subsequent generations. By revisiting those places of trauma with her father as her guide, Anna Salton Eisen’s tour of terrors provide her with a new understanding of how her identity has been shaped under the shadow of the Holocaust.