The American Society for Yad Vashem Western Region Presents:

Yad Vashem – More than a Museum

A three-part Webinar Series on REMEMBRANCE, EDUCATION, and COMMEMORATION of the Shoah


Many people who have visited Yad Vashem know it as the foremost museum dedicated to remembering the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany.  Its exhibits depict Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust.  But Yad Vashem is so much more than a museum.  Through this three-part webinar series, you will learn about many of Yad Vashem’s other departments and programs and how Yad Vashem continues its mission as the ultimate source for Holocaust education, documentation and research.


Gathering the Fragments

Sunday, October 23 – 9:30 am PT (12:30 ET)

Bettina Malka-Igelbusch

Director of the Department of Reference and Information Services, Yad Vashem Archives

Documents, photographs, and objects collected from Holocaust survivors, family members and the general public from the years before the war, during the Holocaust, from life in the DP camps and the immediate post-war period are submitted to Yad Vashem for posterity. Items submitted together with the stories behind them have an important role in the commemoration of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and in preserving their memory for future generations.


Holocaust Education and the Impact on the Next Generation

Sunday, October 30 – 9:30 am PT (12:30 ET)

Lori Gerson

Educational Coordinator, Overseas Education and Training Department, International School for Holocaust Studies

It is our mission to enrich the knowledge of educators from around the world as well as to provide them with pedagogical guidelines and age-appropriate tools for teaching this difficult subject matter. Our interdisciplinary approach to Holocaust education – through art, music, literature, theology and drama – allows students to gain a broader understanding of what happened during this period.


“A Window to the Soul”: Behind the scenes of the Yad Vashem Art Collection

Sunday, November 6 – 9:30 am PT (12:30 ET)

Eliad Moreh Rosenberg

Curator and Director, Yad Vashem Art Department, Museums Division

With more than 12,000 works, the Yad Vashem Art Collection is the most comprehensive collection of Holocaust art in the world. The Collection is composed of three main sections: the first consists of works produced prior to World War II and commemorates artists murdered in the Holocaust; the second comprises works from the Holocaust period, created by artists persecuted by the Nazis and their collaborators from the rise of the Nazi regime until the liberation of the camps; the third is dedicated to artwork created after the Holocaust by survivors, witnesses to the events of the period, or by other artists who felt compelled to give visual expression to this subject.



You may join us for any or all of these programs. Registration is required. If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Moskovitz in the Western Region office – or 310-405-1941.


About the lecturers

Bettina Malka-Igelbusch was born and raised in Germany. She holds a master’s degree in Jewish Studies, History, and English Language and Literature from Cologne University and studied also at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Shoah has played a major role in her life and has influenced her personal development considerably. As a consequence, she decided to convert to Judaism and make Israel her home. Since 1995, she lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three children. In Israel, she has worked in project development for a German political foundation dedicated to German-Israeli cooperation in civic education, and as executive director of a Jewish Conservative congregation in Northern Jerusalem. She joined Yad Vashem in 2015 as a guide for the commemoration and community relations department, and started her current position as director of the Reference and Information Services Department of the Yad Vashem Archives in May 2019.


After graduating from Barnard College in New York, Lori Gerson worked for many years in the field of education in the United States.  In 2005, Lori made aliyah with her family and joined the Yad Vashem team as a guide for educational groups. Since 2016, Lori has taken on the role of Educational Coordinator in Yad Vashem’s Overseas Education and Training Department where she lectures, coordinates seminars, develops curriculum and guides educators in best practices.


Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg (born in Paris) is Curator and Director of Yad Vashem’s Art Department in the Museums Division. She studied Art History (M.A.) and English Literature, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Museum Studies at the Tel-Aviv University. Before joining Yad Vashem’s Museums’ Division in 2003, she was a researcher and lecturer at the Hebrew University Center for Jewish Art. Since 2019, she has been conducting research about the diaries’ sketches of survivor and artist Yehuda Bacon and contributed analytical essays for the first four volumes published by Yad Vashem. Moreh-Rosenberg recently curated the exhibition Helga Wolfenstein-King: Life, Creativity and Love in Terezin currently displayed at the Museum of Holocaust Art in Yad Vashem.