Running for shelter

Join ASYV as we sit down with Suzette Sheft, author of ‘Running from Shelter’. ‘Running for Shelter’ tells the true story of Monique Sheft’s escape from the Holocaust. Written at the tender age of 15 by Suzette Sheft, the granddaughter of Monique, the captivating book unravels the tale of a courageous young woman’s remarkable journey through a turbulent period of history. It imparts a poignant message of hope to young adult and all readers as they navigate challenges in the present day.

Suzette Sheft – AUTHOR

Suzette Sheft attends the Horace Mann School in New York City. She resides in Manhattan with her mother, twin brother, and two dogs. In her free time, Suzette enjoys writing, reading, running, and spending time with her family and friends. She began writing Running for Shelter, her debut novel, at age 13 and recently earned a Silver Key from Scholastic for her work. Suzette hopes that her novel inspires other children to record important stories from their own family legacies, bringing greater awareness of the challenges—and triumphs—experienced by humankind.

Monique Sheft – HIDDEN CHILD

Born Inge Monique Eisinger in 1929, Monique Sheft spent her early years in Vienna, Austria. At the age of nine, she fled to France to escape the Nazis, not knowing she was Jewish, and nearly ten years later immigrated to America. In America, Monique married Leonard Sheft and raised two children with him while teaching French to middle schoolers. She currently resides in Florida. Monique is passionate about helping those in need and hopes her story will educate and unite younger generations.

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