YLA Fall Shabbat Dinner

Friday, November 11

6:45 PM Cocktails | 7:30 PM Program and Dinner

Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, 125 East 85th Street, NYC

Couvert: $140

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Esther Geizhals was only 9 when Nazis invaded her quiet town of Lodz, Poland. Her family was confined for four years at the Lodz Ghetto before being transferred to Auschwitz. Describing herself as a “skeleton in rags”, she was led on a death march in 1945, where she escaped the line and hid in a barn. When it was clear the Nazis had left, she emerged from the barn, where villagers showed her kindness and offered refuge.

When asked how she feels about commemoration and remembrance, Geizhals, with tears in her eyes, says: “We lost six million Jews and many more people- 1.5 million children. We must never forget this. Mostly importantly, we must eliminate hate from our vocabulary”.

 Now more than ever, it is our obligation to honor and memorialize our past and ensure a secure Jewish future.


We’re excited to see you on November 11th !

Alexa Fine, Rachel Gelnick Lobel, Rachel Ohayon