ASYV founder Eli Zborowski z’l and Avner Shalev, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate, during construction of the Valley of the Communities

The American Society for Yad Vashem’s legacy of support is visible throughout the Yad Vashem Campus. Over the years, ASYV has extablished more than 30 permanent projects within Yad Vashem.

Valley of the Communities

The Valley of the Communities in Yad Vashem is a massive 2.5 acre monument literally dug out of natural bedrock. Over 5000 names of communities [...]

The Synagogue

The Synagogue, designed by architect Moshe Safdie and the interior design firm Tamuz, serves as a place where visitors can say kaddish for [...]

Yad Vashem Candelabra

The six-branched Candelabra, sculpted by Zohara Schatz, is located at the heart of Yad Vashem Campus and serves as the emblem of Yad Vashem. The [...]

The Holocaust History Museum

The Holocaust History Museum is the central element of the Yad Vashem 2001 master plan. It is unique in its conception and its intent. The [...]

The Memorial to the Deportees

The Memorial to the Deportees was established at Yad Vashem as a monument to the millions of Jews herded onto cattle-cars and transported from [...]

The Visitors’ Center

The Visitors’ Center serves as a place of reception, orientation and information. It opens in all directions to views of the campus and the [...]

Square of Hope

The Square of Hope, located at the exit to the Holocaust History Museum, was established through the support and generosity of the Moskowitz [...]

The Warsaw Ghetto Plaza

Lying at the heart of Yad Vashem, Warsaw Ghetto Square has become a key site in Holocaust commemoration at Yad Vashem. The large Square is [...]

The Learning Center

The Learning Center, otherwise known as the “Center for Major Questions Arising from the Holocaust,” provides visitors to Yad Vashem with [...]

The Visual Center

The Visual Center provides direct, interactive access to all of the testimony taken by Yad Vashem, to most of the films and documentaries on the [...]

The Survivors’ Wall

The Survivors’ Wall honors Holocaust survivors who have borne the responsibility of witness. The Wall reminds every visitor to Yad Vashem [...]

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