• Amy Cooper
    Amy Cooper National Campaign Director
  • Zoya Pisarenko
    Zoya Pisarenko Director of Finance
  • Marlene W. Yahalom, Ph.D.
    Marlene W. Yahalom, Ph.D. Director of Education
  • Chris Morton
    Chris Morton Director of Planned Giving
  • Bill Bernstein
    Bill Bernstein West Coast Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Emily Snyder
    Emily Snyder Area Director, NY Tri-State
  • Shira Golden
    Shira Golden Chief of Staff
  • Rachelle Grossman
    Rachelle Grossman Events Manager
  • Jill Goltzer
    Jill Goltzer Director of Young Leadership Associates & Social Media
  • Aaron Fineberg
    Aaron Fineberg Development Associate
  • Donna Elyassian
    Donna Elyassian Young Leadership and Development Associate
  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts Database Administrator
  • Deeni Hass
    Deeni Hass Education Program Associate
  • Vira Kholina
    Vira Kholina Operations and Administrative Assistant