(New York – May 7, 2020) The Young Leadership Associates (“YLA”) of the American Society for Yad Vashem (“ASYV”) and 3GNY are pleased to announce a collaborative relationship between our two organizations. We will be working closely together to effectively engage a wider network of young leaders for the purpose of furthering our shared mission of Holocaust education, remembrance, and awareness.

Together, 3GNY and YLA will be expanding WEDU (“We Educate”), an educational initiative developed by 3GNY and supported by ASYV in which the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors are trained to share their grandparents’ stories with students and community groups in a personal, engaging, and compelling manner. This collaboration enables us to offer more frequent training sessions in order to increase the number of participants who can speak in educational settings.

YLA and 3GNY will also occasionally co-host events, bringing together people who are interested in hearing survivors’ stories and learning about the resiliency of the survivors and their descendants.

For more information, please email jgoltzer@yadvashemusa.org or wedu@3gnewyork.org.

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