Guidelines for Submissions for the ASYV Lessons from the Shoah Publication

Please send your “Lessons from the Shoah” submission by email to

Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Your submission may include text (250 words or less) or photographs (up to 4; please send high resolution). If you send both text and photos, we are able to accommodate 1 large photograph or 2 smaller ones and text up to 100 words. Pleaseclick here for several sample submissions.

Please include your name and hometown as you would like them to appear on your page. You may be listed as an individual or as a family (for example: Dr. Keren Perlmutter or Perlmutter Family).

We encourage you to share lessons, reflections and stories that are personal to you and your family. While you may focus your lesson from the Shoah in any way you wish, we are pleased to provide the following possible themes you may wish to use:

  • The relevance and meaning of Yad Vashem’s significance today – in your own life and/or for the Jewish people and humanity;
  • Hope, faith and resilience;
  • Antisemitism;
  • How the memory of the Shoah contributes to your identity;
  • A striking or impactful quote, memorable experience, or meaningful person;
  • The importance of helping and showing respect to others;
  • An observation about the impact of Yad Vashem on your life and surroundings;
  • The future role of Yad Vashem in the lives of your children and grandchildren;
  • Please avoid reference to politically sensitive or controversial matters;
  • Please refrain from specifically comparing the Holocaust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed and may be lightly edited by a small editorial committee. The committee will contact you if any substantial edits are made to your submission. While we hope to be able to include all submitted lessons, space in the publication is limited.

If you have any questions or if you would like to request assistance with your submission, please contact Emily Snyder at or 212-220-4304 ext. 215.