Leonard A. WilfChairman of the Board

    Leonard Wilf’s commitment to Holocaust remembrance and education grew from childhood.  He was born in Goggingen, Germany and raised from the age of nine in New Jersey.   His parents, survivors, Harry and Judith, lived by the notion to Never Forget what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust, and to educate all future generations so they should always remember.  It was a natural progression for Lenny to have a strong commitment to organizations like the American Society for Yad Vashem.  He has also served a term on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Council.

    The Wilf family’s work with Yad Vashem began almost from the onset of the organization.  Lenny began working closely with Eli Zborowski z”l after his father passed away., This relationship continued until Eli’s passing. Eli was a powerhouse in his commitment for Holocaust remembrance and education and all that Yad Vashem has come to stand for today.  The closeness that Lenny and Eli shared gave Lenny tremendous insight into Eli’s driving force and has secured his commitment to continuing Eli’s legacy.