Pages of Testimony are special forms created by Yad Vashem to restore the personal identities and to record the brief life stories of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices.

Since 1955 Yad Vashem has been collecting names, photographs and biographic details of the martyred Jews. Millions are already recorded on special documents – Pages of Testimony – that are carefully preserved in Yad Vashem – but many names are still unknown. Pages of Testimony are to be filled out NOT ONLY by Holocaust survivors and their families. Over the course of the past century most American Jewish families left Europe and North Africa. Many of their families and friends who remained became victims of the Nazi death machine. The murderers took their lives and disposed of the bodies en masse. Millions of Jews vanished without any physical trace. No grave markers record their names.

The Pages of Testimony in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem stand as symbolic “mazevoth” for the martyred Jews. The victims deserve to be remembered not as cold, anonymous numbers but as individual human beings. These Pages of Testimony preserve the unique identity and personal dignity that the murderers tried so hard to obliterate.

Please fill the form, print it out and sign. When Pages of Testimony are completed, please return them by mail to the address below.

A photograph of the victim may be attached to the Page, if available. We accept only the original completed forms, not photocopies. Unsigned forms, fax-transmitted forms or non standard forms will not be accepted.

American Society for Yad Vashem Inc.
500 Fifth Avenue, 42nd Floor
New York, NY 10110-4299

Pages of Testimony can also be submitted online at: The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names